Effort Vision - Haiti Outreach
Leader: John and Dawn Ashford

Foundation for Spiritual & Economic Development

►Expanding the Body of Christ

►Biblical Principles in Finances & Tithing

►Nurturing & Discipling Believers

►Program of Revolving Loans

Effort Vision was formed in 2007 as a program to enable and equip individuals and families to provide for themselves.  The focus is both spiritual and economic through a revolving, interest free loan program which funds small, individual, business projects.  The vision extends to development of a formal discipleship training school program which is Christian based and is designed to include some limited occupational training.

To facilitate their vision of building and nurturing the Body of Christ we have come alongside as a resource for them.  Early in our relationship with Emmanus, the Lord showed us clearly that just as Aaron and Hur were to come alongside of Moses during the battle of the Amalekites, that he was placing us alongside a Godly leader that had been faithful in raising his arms while the battle raged.  It is our desire to provide both spiritual and economic support in such a way as to allow the Body of Christ to become fully dependent upon the arm of the Lord.

Effort Vision combines individual stewardship with self-help which effectively promotes true indigenous outreach and mission.  It is when the poor give with the intension of being a blessing to someone else, that their own poverty is broken.

A committee of 7 individuals from two churches oversee the development and effectiveness of the program.  Recipients of loans are expected to be accountable Christians, endorsed by their Pastor.  Willing to tithe from their profit and participate on an ongoing basis of spiritual and economic training.  The loans will be interest free but will be required to be paid back, thus allowing the loans to continue to revolve and be used by others.

Funds are contributed on a yearly basis to allow the loan program to grow with the requirement of accountability.  Training wil be provided both from within Haiti and outside the country with visiting ministries.

We invite you to join with us as we come

alongside our Haitian brethren and help

keep their hands lifted unto the Lord.






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Sunday Morning Worship
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Join us for worship, fellowship and a Bible based teaching!
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